Applicable to All Common Automatic Analyzers

Clinical Applications of HCY Assay

Total plasma/serum homocysteine (tHCY) is an independent risk factor for many diseases, such as:

Cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and stroke.
Cystathionine –synthase (CBS) deficient genetic disease.
Vitamin B6, B12 and folate deficiency.
Renal failure, cancer and diabetes.
Mental diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, depression and dementia.
Health issues, such as stress, pregnancy complications and aging.

Features of the A/C Automatic Enzymatic Assay

Two-reagent with a single-enzyme,
homocysteinase (HCYase).
Assay completed in 10 minutes.
Fully automatic.
High through-put (360 samples/hour).


Performance Data of
the A/C Automatic HCY Assay on the
Hitachi 912 Automatic Analyzer 

The limit of quantification and linearity:
The limit of quantification of the A/C Automatic
Enzymatic Assay is 3.5 M with a linear range to
44.4 M tHCY.
Precision of the A/C Automatic Enzymatic
Assay: The within-assay CVs are 4.2%
for 9.0 mol/L; 1.6% for 14.0 mol/L; and
1.9% for 45.1 mol/L tHCY.
The between assay CVs are 5.4% for 9.2 mol/L;
4.9% for 14.6 mol/L and 2.9% for 47.1 mol/L
Method comparison: The A/C Automatic
Two-Reagent Enzymatic HCY Assay highly
correlated with the A/C Automatic Four-reagent
Enzymatic HCY Assay (FDA 510k# 030754) on
the Hitachi 912 Automatic Analyzer.


125 plasma samples were measured on the
Hitachi 912 Automatic Analyzer.